I'm Giorgio Delle Grottaglie

I do Technology stuff

Born and raised in the Heel of Italy
Based in Rome

About Me

I was born and raised in Mesagne, a nice sunny city in the Heel of Italy, and I am currently living in Rome.

I am a Technology professional with a significant experience in Software Engineering and Business Agility.

I currently work as a Senior Manager, Infrastructure & Enterprise Engineering at Expedia Group. In the past I had the chance to cover different roles such as Software Engineer, Team Leader, Scrum Master and Technical Program Manager.
I am also part of the Editors' team for the Expedia Group Tech Blog and I am involved into several internal and external events such as Hackathons, Code Academies and Meetups.

I've built this website not only to collect my online references but also to challenge myself with new Open Source technologies and tools for Software Development.

This picture is taken in Porto Cesareo, one of my beloved places.

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Giorgio Delle Grottaglie